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If you have read my post last week on Milan then you will be aware that I visited Italy recently. My first stop was Milan and then I went to Verona which is a city on the Adige river in Veneto, with 258,108 inhabitants. It is the second largest city municipality in the region and the third largest in northeast Italy.

We travelled from Milan to Verona by train which cost us 12.75 euros for an adult ticket and 6.40 euros for a child. A word of warning, when using trains in Italy you must validate your ticket before you board or you will have to pay a fine. On the way back from Verona to Milan we accidentally got on a high speed train which costs a lot more and we ended up getting fined so be sure that you are getting on the correct train!

We stayed at the Verona House Aparthotel and Suite which is part of the Hotel Milano. Our apartment was about a five minute walk away from the main hotel and we did end up going to the hotel to use the rooftop bar which I would really recommend visiting. It really is a hidden gem in the city as you would never know that the rooftop area existed unless you had booked the hotel and it has an incredible view of the city and is directly across from the arena.

The hotel is located just 30 metres from the Verona Arena. There is a jacuzzi on the terrace however it is very small and a bit exposed. If you are not staying at the apartments or hotel then you are required to make a reservation before going to the rooftop. Both the apartments and the hotel are in the very centre of Verona and the apartments look onto the Castelvecchio Bridge and we had a fantastic view of it from our room.

We stayed in Verona for three days but we went to Venice on the second day (blog post to follow). On the first day we had a wander around the city which is actually quite small and it is different to somewhere like Milan. You can also hire bikes to get around which a lot of people seemed to do. Everything was relatively close together and overall the city had a great atmosphere. There is a big main square called Piazza Bra which is where the arena is located and there is lots of shops and restaurants round about that area. We also visited Casi de Giulietta which is the Romeo and Juliet balcony and we went to the rooftop bar as I mentioned earlier.

There were lots of nice shops in Verona but again, like Milan, a lot of them were designer although there were still plenty of more affordable shops. There was a lot of nice places to eat in Verona, my favourite was a pizza restaurant that we went to which didn’t look like much but it had amazing pizzas and it was queued out of the door and seemed to be very popular amongst the locals.

Overall, I loved Verona and it truly is a lovely city that I would definitely recommend visiting.

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