Visiting Venice

As you may already be aware by now, I was recently in Italy and I travelled to Milan and Verona then Venice which is where todays blog post will be about. Venice is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. It is said that Venice is sinking at around 3mm per year, it has 177 canals and over 400 bridges.

We only went to Venice for the day and we got the train from Verona, where we were staying, to Venice which took somewhere between one or two hours. The train cost 9.05 euros for an adult and 4.55 euros for a child. You can pick up a map for 2 euros at the currency exchange booth rather than joining the massive queues at the tourist information centre and paying 3 euros.

Once we arrived in Venice we decided to get a water bus to San Marco’s square which cost 7.50 euros each. It was a nice way to see parts of Venice without being as pricy as getting a gondola. The water bus took us down the Grand Canal which let us see a lot of lovely sights. It also started raining very heavily the day we went to Venice so the water bus was the best option since it was sheltered.

We also went to the Rialto bridge which was nice and looks just as amazing in real life. Everything in Venice looks just like the photos and it truly is such a unique place.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that it started raining whilst we were in Venice, we didn’t end up walking about very much but we definitely did get a good feel for the city.

The food that we had in Venice was not the best and I think we went to a very touristy restaurant so if you are trying to find somewhere to eat then I would recommend going somewhere that is slightly more off the beaten track.

There were lots of great shops in Venice which felt really strange because it is easy to forget that Venice is actually a city.

There really is nowhere else like Venice and overall I would definitely recommend visiting because it is a fantastic experience.

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