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Now that Christmas is well and truly over and we are into the new year, it really is the perfect time to get back into eating a lot healthier and getting much more exercise and if you are planning on hitting the gym then you may as well do it in style.

Recently, I was in Primark and their new Alice Liveing x Primark sports range really caught my eye. They had so many nice sporty clothes at a very reasonable price. My absolute favourites were these matching leggings and sports bra. I love the grey and pink gradient look and they definitely look and feel way more expensive than they actually are. The leggings only cost £8 and the sports bra cost £5 which is amazing.

The leggings are really high waisted which I love and the sports bra comes quite far down as you might be able to tell by the photo below which means that it will look more flattering. To begin with I was slightly sceptical as to whether or not the leggings might fall down a bit whilst exercising since sometimes those kind of leggings do which can be very frustrating however, I can already tell that this does not appear as though it is going to happen with these leggings.

It took me quite a while to get the leggings in my size which is a 2XS because a lot of the smaller sizes seemed to disappear very quickly so if you are smaller then you might need to keep going in and checking whether they have them in your size or not because you should be able to find them if you keep looking which is what I did and it was definitely worth it in the end.

They also have loads of other items to go with the pink and grey theme like a top, zip up fleece, jacket and lots more and if pink and grey isn’t really your thing then there is plenty of other patterns and colours to choose from. I would say that it is definitely worth popping in to your local Primark to have a look of you haven’t already.

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