Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review

I received the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette for Christmas this year and I love using it so much! I love all the shades in this palette and it is different to most of the eyeshadow palettes I already have.

The Naked Heat palette has mostly warm shadows with a lot of the colours being more orange/red toned. There’s a great mix of seven mattes and five shimmers out of the twelve different eyeshadows. The current price of the palette is £42.00 in most shops which is expensive but it is an excellent palette and would make an ideal gift for a makeup lover.

My first impressions of the palette were that it has really nice packaging and the colours on the outside do a great job of reflecting what the shades the eyeshadows are. The packaging is nice and sturdy however it is quite bulky but I personally like the way it feels and it has a nice close to it. You can create so many different eye looks with this palette and it can also work to make some brilliant more pink toned eye looks which I love. The mirror inside the palette is really useful and makes the palette look even nicer. There is also a double ended brush in the palette which you can use to apply the shadows which always comes in handy. This palette can easily be used for day or night time looks as it is quite versatile and the shades are really pigmented which is amazing.

  • Ounce – Creamy and pearly. Great for prepping the eyelids for before applying other shadow.
  • Chaser – Matte brown tone with a tiny bit of pink. Great as a transition shade for the crease and to add warmth.
  • Sauced – Matte red toned brownish shade. Also great for the crease and really adds a unique warmth to an eye look.
  • Low Blow – Matte yellowy/brown toned. Creates extra definition and overall a great shade.
  • Lumbre – Gold/rose gold shimmer shade. I love this shade for the lids. Overall a stunning shadow.
  • He Devil – Burnt red matte. Probably the most red out of all the shades. Great for a really warm toned eye look but can be slightly scary to work with.
  • Dirty Talk – High shine metallic copper. Has a nice bronze tone to it.
  • Scorched – Metallic rosy copper. Possibly my favourite shadow in the palette. Similar to Dirty Talk except more pink.
  • Cayenne – Warm brown matte. Blends well with other shadows.
  • En Fuego – Deep red matte. Great eyeshadow but can be quite dramatic and therefore scary to work with. Probably best suited for an evening eye look.
  • Ashes – Deep purple toned matte. Probably won’t get the most use out of this one due to the fact it is so dark and makes me look as if I have been punched in the eye.
  • Ember – Dark purplish metallic shadow with a slight bit of pink. Not one of my favourite shades in the palette but it is a unique shade.

I honestly love this eyeshadow palette and I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering purchasing it. The only thing I would say is that if you are looking for a good beginners eyeshadow palette then this probably isn’t for you because although the shades are versatile, there is other eyeshadow palettes that have shades that are better for being able to wear them with anything since they are more neutral. For example, the Naked 2 palette is great for a first eyeshadow palette (you can check out my review on it here). Overall, the Naked Heat palette is a fantastic palette.

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