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Summer is almost here which means it is time to purchase your new bikinis! I had been wanting to get some swimwear from Shein for a while now since they have so many different styles all for an exceptionally affordable price.

At first I was a bit sceptical as to what the bikinis would be like mainly because they are so inexpensive and I had heard some mixed reviews of the site however, I was very impressed by what they turned out to be like. Although, I did order one swimsuit which came with a hole in it but they gave me my money back for it quickly and I found the customer service to be quite good contrary to what I had heard about it.

I loved the flamingo bikini because it ties at the front which means that you can adjust it to fit you and the flamingos look really nice.

The pink bikini is nice because of the crinkled fabric and because of the classic pink colour.

I chose the leopard print bikini since I think the print looks pretty and animal print is very on trend for this year and it always looks good.

The quality of the bikinis is not amazing but for the price I really can’t complain because it isn’t bad quality either and the design looked like it did in the pictures which is great. The bikinis took about two weeks to arrive which is quite a while but I had expected this since they come from China.

Overall, I would definitely recommend buying some bikinis from Shein, particularly if you are looking to try out a new design that you wouldn’t want to invest loads of money in or if you want a good variety of bikinis to wear for your next holiday.

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