I Gave Up Chocolate for Lent

I love chocolate. A lot. I knew that it would be a challenge to give up chocolate for lent but I didn’t realise how much I would miss it.

Lent is the period of 40 days which comes before Easter in the Christian calendar. The period is to remember and replicate the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert, fasting , praying and being tempted by the devil. This year it began on Wednesday 6th March and ended on Thursday 18th April however this changes each year.

When I decided to give up chocolate for lent a couple of my friends agreed to do it with me and my mum also said that she would commit to eating no chocolate for 40 days. I started off strong and to begin with, I was well prepared for the lack of chocolate that I was about to have to deal with. I made homemade cereal bars and lots of other healthy and delicious chocolate free snacks which tasted amazing and I didn’t even crave chocolate at all to begin with and I was feeling really good. At one point I thought that I would never even eat chocolate again (which is definitely not going to happen). However, soon I ran out of all my healthy snacks and I was getting a bit fed up of eating so many cereal bars and that is where things got bad.

After about a week or so I was desperate for chocolate. I started eating so many sweets and sugary treats that are probably way worse for you than chocolate and I even almost had a mental breakdown at one point because I wanted chocolate so badly! Things were really going downhill. I never thought about giving up but I wanted to.

Before I gave up chocolate I rarely had sweets since I much prefer chocolate which is part of the reason why I though giving up chocolate would also make me a lot healthier. I felt as though I was eating more than ever to prevent my chocolate cravings and I was replacing bad habits with even worse ones. My new favourite treats were fizzy rainbow belts and lotus biscuits which are both things I rarely ate before, I even invested in lotus spread (which does taste amazing) to stop me from thinking about chocolate. In general, I would say I have a healthy diet but to my surprise, giving up chocolate made me so much more unhealthy! I do love chocolate and I did previously eat it every day but usually only in reasonably small quantities and only about once a day. When I gave up chocolate I felt as though I was eating everything in sight to stop me from eating chocolate.

There was one week in particular before the Easter holidays where it seemed as though every single person was eating so much chocolate. I had been offered so many Easter eggs and I couldn’t eat a single one which was definitely a struggle. I had to give away all the Creme eggs that I had been given which broke my heart, it may sound a bit dramatic but it really was quite a traumatising experience.

After about three weeks my friends had all given up on not eating chocolate so it was only me and my mum left. Things were still difficult but at this point I began eating a bit healthier again and ditched the rainbow belts for homemade cereal bars and things such as banana loaf which isn’t exceptionally healthy but it also isn’t too bad. Things were getting better and I didn’t find myself thinking about chocolate so often.

The last few days were a bit of a struggle because I knew that I was so close to being able to eat chocolate again but I wasn’t quite close enough. I kept thinking of all the different kinds of chocolate that I could have again.

The very last day was probably the absolute worse. I just wanted it to be over. I know it was all in my mind really but it was because I knew I was going to be able to eat chocolate so soon. I went to loads of different shops to buy all my favourite chocolate. I also had a giant one kilogram Galaxy bar that my mum had bought me to celebrate the end of lent.

I stayed up until midnight that day and at 12am on Friday morning I had a giant piece of chocolate cake and ice cream and some of my chocolate bar. It tasted amazing. I was so glad I had waited to finish it because I knew that I could never have forgiven myself if I had quit lent early even if it was just an hour before.

Overall, I am glad that I gave up chocolate for lent and it was a good thing to do however, I don’t know if I would ever give up chocolate again. I am glad that lent is now over and I can eat as much chocolate as I want but I am happy that I have done lent.

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