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I went into Boots recently to get a new bronzer and powder and I ended up purchasing some new Natural Collection ones.

The bronzer, powder and magazine cost me a grand total of £3.58! I love how affordable both these products are and the magazine was free with my Boots advantage card. In my opinion, products such as powder and bronzer are definitely ones that you can afford to save your money on and I have used the Natural Collection ones before and I can say that they are just as good as much more expensive bronzers and powders.

I love the shade of the bronzer since it isn’t too orange or too grey and there is a choice of shades in store although, they are all reasonably similar in the fact that they are all good colours, the main difference is that some are darker than others. There is also a choice in shades for the powder. The powder does everything that you need – it mattifies the face and helps makeup to stay nicer for longer.

Boots may not always be the cheapest for cosmetics however, it is definitely worth a look as you can get some great products for a brilliant price. Also, if you are a student or still at school then you can get a 10% discount in Boots which definitely makes a difference over time. If you have a Young Scot card then you will be able to get this discount which is great. I never realised until recently that you can get so many discounts with a Young Scot card but I would definitely recommend making use of it because it can save you a lot of money.

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