Blackpool Rocks

I went to Blackpool a couple of weeks ago for three nights and I had a great time, it was a bit of a retro throwback for my family as this is where they used to holiday when they were children. I think if you are visiting Blackpool it is best to embrace the fun culture, there is loads to do if you are going for the weekend.

When we arrived on the Friday we went to Stanley Park which is a nice park that includes the model village, boating pond and zoo. We were hoping to go on the boats but disappointingly discovered that they were only operating on a Saturday and Sunday (apart from the peak summer season), so we didn’t get to go on them.  If you do decide to go to Stanley Park then I would recommend going at the weekend so you can get on one of the boats in the pond.  I believe the model village and zoo are open on a more regular basis, so if you are going to the park to visit one of these attractions you should be ok, always check first to avoid disappointment!

The next day, we went to the Pleasure Beach which we all really enjoyed even though we all felt a bit sick after it. We decided to go on a ride called ‘Infusion’ first which was a big mistake because it was SOOO scary! If you like upside down rides then you will like this one but it just had a few too many twists and turns for me to handle and I was preparing for my death half way through the ride. The rides at the Pleasure Beach are great overall and there are rides for everyone. If you are planning on going on the water ride which I believe was called ‘Vahalla’ then I would strongly recommend taking a poncho with you or you can buy one there (£2 each) but either way do not go on it without a poncho. You have been warned! Please note – it literally pays to plan ahead when visiting Blackpool, if you just turn up at the Pleasure Beach on the day you will pay way more (around £39 each) than if you book online at an earlier date (around £25 each).  We even managed to use Tesco Clubcard Vouchers to pay for our day out… costing pennies!

On Saturday night we drove through the ten kilometres of illuminations, they run from the 30th of August to the 3rd of November (at an electricity cost of £2.4 million for the season), they were nice but honestly not as impressive as I had expected.  There are different themes as you go along and it was good to see but they were not amazing.

On Sunday we went up Blackpool tower which was good and gave us a great view. The glass floor on the tower is really nice and makes the experience even better. They also had a 4D video experience that they showed before we went up the tower which was great to watch.

After this, we went to Madame Tussauds which I enjoyed and it is the perfect activity for a rainy day. The Blackpool Madame Tussauds is not the biggest (not too busy, meaning no queues) but it was still good and I had a nice time there overall.

That night we went for a walk along the lovely beach and went to some of the amusements, after all when in Blackpool it would be rude not to!

Blackpool is not massive so you will be able to walk a lot but I would recommend taking the tram if you are going to be going anywhere and don’t want to walk, you can purchase 24 hour or three day passes which are very economical. The trams could also be a great way to see the illuminations, you can even book to get on the illuminated trams for a memorable experience.

The food in Blackpool was not the best in terms of choice and it felt like every single food place only sold fish and chips (which I do love) but there comes a point when even I get fed up of having a fish supper for every meal.

Blackpool is tacky. There is no doubt about it. However, I had a fantastic time there and sometimes you just need to embrace the tackiness… candyfloss, Blackpool rock, light up Minnie Mouse ears etc. It is definitely worth visiting for a fun weekend with your family or friends. There is plenty to do and the beach is very pretty and you will end up having a great time as long as you know what to expect.

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