It’s Corona Time

It has been over a week since the UK went into lock down and my corona boredom has officially kicked in. I currently have no clue what to do. The whole corona experience has been very strange so far although not as bad as I expected.

Last week I felt as though I was thriving and was finding an endless amount of completely random activities to do throughout the day however recently the novelty of having so much free time has definitely worn off.

Although my corona time so far has been a bit boring I can say that I have been managing to fill my days. Today was definitely not my most productive and I did not complete my usual corona workouts although I did still manage to get out to walk my dog and I spent plenty of time trying to learn Tik Tok dances with my brother which was a workout in itself. I also made cupcakes which overflowed slightly but they turned out to be a success in the end however, I ended up eating one too many before attempting to start running on the indoor treadmill which was not a good combination.

I have found that my corona days have many ups and downs but I know that this is completely normal and that most people experience a roller coaster of emotions in this situation. Although I may be unable to control everything that is going on around me, I can control my attitude towards it and how I react to things. I aim to make the choice to be positive regardless of what happens which is not always easy but I know that this situation will not last forever. Also, the fact that all my exams have been cancelled is clearly not ideal but it helps me to get through these times since I know I would have had to study for weeks anyways so I am looking on the bright side of things and am thankful that the exam stress and pressure has been lifted off my shoulders.

Overall, despite my lack of productivity I have truly enjoyed today and I feel as though this whole situation has made me truly appreciate the small things in life and to find the joy in each day. Something as simple as going for a walk or making a face time call can add so much happiness to my day and it has made me realize how important it is to never take these things for granted and I look forward to what new weird and wonderful things I will get up to tomorrow.

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