Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette Review

I had been curious to try out one of the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palettes for a while but I had not ended up getting one until a couple of months ago when I was on holiday. To begin with I wasn’t sure which palette I should get but I quickly decided that I wanted to get the smoky palette due to the fact that most of my eyeshadow palettes were more warm toned and I didn’t really have a good, or any, more cool toned and silver eyeshadows and the more I looked I found that it is actually quite difficult to get cool toned eyeshadows as warmer toned ones seem to be a lot more common and as I already mentioned I did really just want to try out one of the Naked palettes.

I am aware that the Naked eyeshadow palettes are a bit pricey but I figured that it would probably be worth the money. The price of the palette in the UK is roughly £39.50 in most shops however I got it slightly cheaper because I bought it in duty free at the airport but it was still round about the same price. I know that this might seem a bit expensive for an eyeshadow palette but after using it I really do feel that it is worth it because you can create just about any smoky eye look with it.

My first impressions of the palette were that it has really lovely packaging and felt very sturdy. The floating smoke packaging helps continue the the theme of the palette and also ties in with the shades inside. I felt so excited opening at up and looking at all the eyeshadows and I was really pleased with all the colours in it. In total there are twelve different shades of eyeshadows within the palette and there is a good mix of matte and shimmery shades and warm and cool tones so you really can create any type of smoky eye you want. The mirror inside the palette is really useful and makes the palette look even nicer. The palette also has a really nice close to it but just be careful that your skin doesn’t get trapped in it because it can be a bit sore! Another thing that I noticed when I was taking the palette out of the box is that it had an instruction leaflet which I was really happy about because it meant that I would know exactly how to get them smoky eye I wanted and I would know how and where to apply it. I also later found out the the smoky palette is the only Urban Decay Naked palette that has instructions with it. I thought that it was good that the palette came with a double ended brush. I had read online that some of the palettes come with an eyeshadow primer but I was disappointed to find out that the smoky palette did not come with any primer. When I asked the women in the shop told me that the reason for this was that the primer was apparently ‘unsafe to use after six months’.

On my first use I attempted to follow the instruction leaflet however, I personally found it very confusing so I had to remove all of my eyeshadow which I was slightly annoyed about but it at least meant that I could try using it again. After this I just made up my own look from what I already knew how to do and it ended up looking really good (or at least I thought so) although, I did apply some Bourjous Intense Shimmers eyeshadow glitter on the inner corner and a tiny bit further round my eye which I felt really completed the look but you could easily skip this step. I found that all the eyeshadows were very pigmented which I thought was great. I did try out the eyeshadow brush that came with the palette but personally I wasn’t a big fan, especially of the blending side because I found that the bristles were too dense to really blend out the eyeshadow properly but I thought that the smudger side was a bit better. Although, overall I did think that the brush is okay and it does the job if you don’t have any other brushes.

In my opinion, I would say that this eyeshadow palette is very versatile for doing smoky eyes and you can create a few every day looks from it too which is great and although I got the palette because it was mostly cool toned I have to admit that I actually use the brown and gold shades in the palette quite a bit too mainly because they are so pigmented and they just look really nice. However, if you are looking for a palette thats main use is for everyday wear then this is probably not going to be the best palette for you.

In general, you could easily use this palette alone to get loads and loads of different smoky eye looks and I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone who is thinking about buying it.





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