Flaunt your Feet in the Summer Heat

With the warmer weather in summer comes new outfits and of course new shoes. We say goodbye to our winter boots and bring out our summer sandals or go bare footed at the beach. Nobody wants to have dry, cracked and disgusting feet so today I’m here to show you how you can have the best looking feet ready for summer.

The first step towards getting beach ready summer feet is to file your feet with the Scholl Velvet Smooth electronic foot file. I got the Velvet Smooth Set out of Savers which comes with a foot soak and serum and it is much cheaper to get it with both the soak and serum in Savers than it is to get just the file in Boots. Also, the set comes complete with batteries for the file which is good. The file exfoliates the bottom of your feet and buffs away hard skin which leaves you with feet that look and feel really smooth. It is really easy to use, all you have to do is rotate the file over any rough or hard patches of skin and the dead skin should eventually go away. You might want to use this on a regular basis to get the best results possible.

The next thing for my summer foot care routine is to soak my feet in bubble bath for at least ten minutes. I use the foot soak that came with the file however personally, I think that any bubble bath would do. Soaking the feet helps to make sure they are nice and clean and it also soothes them and just helps them in general. It is also very relaxing to soak your feet in warm water.

Once I have soaked my feet I pat them dry and apply the Soap and Glory Heel Genius to the soles of my feet. You can use the foot serum that comes with the set and it does work well but I think that the Soap and Glory one is even better due to the fact that it is so moisturising. To apply this I simply massage a good amount of the cream all over my foot including my toe nails as it is good for your cuticles and then I let it soak in for a few minutes before putting any shoes back on.

After I have sorted out the soles of my feet and made them look nice and soft I move on to sorting out my toe nails. The first thing I do is remove any old nail polish from my toe nails and then clip them to make sure they are not too long.

Next, I apply a base coat to my nails to ensure that the nail polish lasts for as long as possible. My favourite is the Ciaté Underwear base coat because I feel as though it helps my nail polish last for a long time which is great, especially if you are on holiday and forgot to take spare nail polish to redo your nails. Make sure to give the base coat a couple of minutes to dry before you apply your next coat of nail polish.

When the base coat is dry I apply a colour of my choice to my toe nails. At the moment I am loving one of the grey polishes from Jack Wills because I think it is a really nice toe nail colour. I don’t think that there is an exact shade name for this polish however I think that there might only be one grey Jack Wills nail polish but I’m not sure but you can use any colour you like anyway. After I have finished applying one coat of the nail polish I then wait another couple of minutes for it to dry and then apply a second coat of the same polish.

Now that I have applied all of the coloured polish I make sure that is has fully dried and then I apply the Ciaté Black Light topcoat. This makes sure that the nail polish is fully protected and that it will last for as long as possible without chipping. Be sure to let it dry before putting any socks or shoes on.

I hope you are ready to flaunt your feet in the summer heat.





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