Step by Step Guide to Tint-Tastic Eyebrows at Home

In this blog post I am going to help you tint your eyebrows at home. The idea of tinting your eyebrows can be very scary but if you follow this simple step by step process you should have tintastic brows in no time with the ease of being able to do tinting at home at a fraction of the salon cost.

My natural eyebrows before being tinted

I have blonde hair and my natural eyebrows are very light but they are thick enough. It used to have to fill my eyebrows in all the time to make them appear darker, or just appear. Every night when I removed my makeup I was back to having almost invisible eyebrows. One day I decided enough was enough and I was going to get my eyebrows tinted. To begin with I thought that I would have to get them tinted professionally however I figured that I would be able to do it myself for a much cheaper price and from the comfort of my own home. I went onto Amazon to search for a cheap tint that had good reviews and I soon found one.

I bought the Julienne eyelash and brow tint which comes in four different colours – dark brown, light brown, blue black and midnight black. All the tints cost £5.99 on Amazon at the moment although when I got it the tint was on sale and I think it only cost about £2.99. The tint comes with an eyebrow brush and instructions. On top of buying the actual tint you will also need the Julienne eyelash and eyebrow tint activator which costs £1.99, it is essential that you buy the activator otherwise the tint simply will not work. Originally, I bought the light brown tint which did work to make my incredibly light brows a tiny bit darker and I left it on for way longer than it says on the instructions. Soon, I decided I wanted my eyebrows to be darker than this so I bought the dark brown eyebrow tint and mixed it with the light brown tint and it ended up giving me the shade that I wanted. If I was buying the tint again I would probably just by the dark brown tint and not leave it on for as long but if you naturally do have darker hair then I would leave it in for longer.

Before my first use of the tint I did a patch test on the top of my arm as instructed and I left it in for 24 hours. Although, the instructions do say to keep it on for 48 hours but I have sensitive skin and the tint was fine on me but if you are worried that the tint might harm your skin then you might want to leave the patch test in for the reccomended amount of time but personally, I would say that 24 hours is fine. After I had left the patch test for 24 hours I checked my skin and everything looked and felt fine so I proceeded to tint my eyebrows.

Firstly, I mix the two tints together, preferably in a glass dish, so it was roughly half light brown and half dark brown. After this I put a good few drops of the tint activator in so that it goes to a thin creamy consistency but not too watery. I would probably say that roughly five drops would be about right but you should be able to tell yourself. If you do end up putting too much of the activator in then you can just add in a bit more of the tint.

Once I have mixed everything together and got the right consistency, I let the tint sit for a few minutes which seems to help it work better. Whilst I am letting the tint sit, I use a cotton bud and some Vaselline or petroleum jelly to line the outside of my eyebrows. This ensures that the tint will not stain the skin outside of the eyebrows and it makes the whole tinting process easier and less scary.

Next, I use an old eyebrow brush to apply the tint to my brows, you can use the spoolie brush that comes with the tint but I find that you get much better results with an eyebrow brush. I do use the spoolie to comb through my brows once I have applied the tint, this helps make sure that each hair is covered in tint. I simply apply the tint just as I would fill in my eyebrows. You will look a bit scary with the tint in your brows but don’t worry because this is not what your eyebrows will look like once the tint is removed.

My eyebrows with the tint still on them

Usually, I leave the tint on for about three minutes but you can leave it on for a longer or shorter amount of time depending on how dark or light you want your eyebrows to be. If you are not sure whether your eyebrows are ready then you can just wipe a tiny bit of the ends of your eyebrows and see if you think they look like a good colour. Once I think your brows are ready I get a damp cotton pad and wipe the tint away. Now you have completed the full tinting process and your new and improved brows are ready.

My finished eyebrows after the tint has been wiped off

Your eyebrows will be darker for the first few days after you have tinted them because the skin beneath your brows will be stained slightly. I find that the tint lasts at its best for about two to three weeks but after that your eyebrows will probably still be darker than they were to begin with. In general, I have found that tinting my eyebrows has made them look so much better and it’s also great for if you are going on holiday or doing stuff that you don’t want to wear much or any makeup for.

My eyebrows before, during and after being tinted

Now you are ready to go out and show off your tintastic brows.

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