Affordable School Makeup Routine

School means early mornings and not very much time to get ready and to be honest makeup is usually the last thing I think about on a school morning so having a quick and easy makeup routine that is not going to cost me much money is definitely helpful.

To quickly prep and prime my skin before applying any makeup I like to use the Lush Eau Roma Water because it contains rose and lavender water which are both very soothing and good for the skin. I love how versatile the Eau Roma Water is because you can use it to prime your skin for makeup, even out your skin and reduce redness and I also love to use it to set my makeup because it makes my makeup last all day whist still keeping it dewy which is great especially when you want a fresh faced natural look for school. The Eau Roma water costs £4.75 for a 100g bottle.

Usually, on a school morning I don’t use any foundation. I will sometimes use a tinted moisturiser/ BB cream (the Rimmel Radiance one is my favourite), however most of the time I just like to use a concealer to cover up any under eye bags from getting up so early and to hide any redness and spots. For covering up any dark circles I like to use Maybelline Fit Me concealer which costs £5.99 in Superdrug. I love how easy it is to blend and it is great for the price. It is also nice and dewy which is great for school and it looks nice and natural. You can use Fit Me to cover spots however for individual spots I prefer to use a stick concealer such as the Natural Collection cover up stick because you can get it on the exact area and it has more of a full coverage finish than a liquid concealer. The only problem with the Natural Collection concealer is that it breaks very easily if you push it up too far but for only £1.99 I can’t complain too much.

To set my concealer and prevent any oiliness I like to use the Technic Soft Focus Powder. This is a translucent loose powder and is very affordable as it only costs around £1.99. It makes my makeup last longer and I only use a tiny amount for under my eyes, round my nose, and in the centre of my forehead. You can use this powder all over your face if you have oily skin and it also works well to bake your face but personally I don’t like to bake my makeup for school.

Once I have set my makeup I like to use the Seventeen Bronzing Rocks to add colour and glowiness to my face. This bronzer adds definition to your face and gives it a natural looking healthy glow which is great for school. The bronzing rocks cost £4.99 in Boots and they last for ages.

After I have applied bronzer I like to use the Topshop Glow Prime and Finish highlighter which I got on sale for £4 in Topshop. You can use this before you apply your makeup to prime your skin and keep it glowing but for school I prefer to only use it as a highlighter after I have applied my makeup. Another thing that is great about this product is that you can mix it with your foundation to make it more dewy although this will make the foundation slightly less full coverage.

Next, I move on to my eyes which most of the time for school only takes about two seconds. The first thing I do is curl my eyelashes which opens up my eyes, makes my eyelashes look nicer and makes me look more awake. Next, I use the Seventeen Clear Defenition Macara which costs £4.69 in Boots, to hold the curl on my eyelashes and make them look healthier. After this I simply use the same clear mascara to comb through my eyebrows which keeps them in place all day and makes them look slightly better. Sometimes I do wear black mascara to school but a lot of the time I just wear a clear one or none at all.

Finally, I use the Cath Kidson Rose Lip Balm to hydrate my lips whilst also making look glossy. I love this lip balm so much and I’m not sure of the exact price but I think that it’s around £5 but it could be slightly more. It is such a hydrating lip balm but it just looks like a lip gloss and it also seems to make my lips appear fuller and I’m not sure how because I don’t think that it’s even meant to.

So follow this simple and affordable routine and your school mornings should run smoothly and get you ready for the day ahead.






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