Smart Outfit for Everyday

In this blog post I am going to be showing you one of my favourite smart outfits for everyday. I love this outfit for when I want to feel polished and sophisticated yet still casual.

The first item of clothing I am going to mention is probably my favourite part of this outfit and that is my Zara Women’s Round Neck Blazer which has long sleeves and frayed seams and pockets. This blazer costs £59.99 which is quite expensive but not too bad. The main colours in this blazer are red and white however, it does also have some blue, green and tiny gold specks through it. I love this blazer so much and it is one if my favourite jackets at the moment. It is great how it looks smart and a bit different. It can transform any outfit and is reasonably easy to wear and it also looks really nice with my red bag.

Underneath my blazer I was wearing a Primark Girls Navy Lace Top which went very well with the jacket and trousers. This top goes with a lot of outfits and comes with a navy vest for underneath it. I am not sure how much it cost but I can’t imagine that it would have been too much since it is from Primark. The only problem with this top is that I don’t think it is available any more although you can get similar ones online.

On my bottom half I wore my H&M Girls Dark Denim Superstrech Skinny Jeans which cost £14.99. These go really well with the full outfit and you can wear these jeans with just about anything and most importantly they are a really good fit. I also love the fact that these jeans are quite stretchy but they don’t look it and they also have an adjustable waist which is handy to have because it means that you can get them to fit your waist exactly. These jeans are very fitted super skinny jeans which personally, I really like, especially for this outfit. I find it really hard to get jeans but I find that H&M jeans always usually work well for me.

My shoes are the Moda In Pelle Emico Grey Suede Pointed Toe Penny Loafers which cost £69.95 at full price. These are one of my favourite pairs of shoes because they look really nice and they go with most outfits because of the colour. I also love the pointed toes and the stud at the back.

Finally, to complete my outfit I wore my Red Dayaday bag which I got on holiday. I can’t remember exactly how much this bag cost me but I do know that it was quite affordable, maybe around £10. I feel as though this bag brings the full outfit together and I love the colour of it loads. It has an adjustable strap which is great and considering that it was quite an inexpensive bag the quality is good enough. I also love the size of this bag because it is not too big or too small.

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