Benefit Rockitude Lip and Cheek Kit Review

The Benefit Rockitude Lip and Cheek Kit was one of my first ever proper makeup kits and I have been loving it ever since. It is a great kit for people who are just getting into makeup due to the fact that it comes with tips and tricks on how to apply it and the products inside are great because they are not too dramatic or difficult to use. However, it still definitely is really good for people who have been wearing makeup for a long time and are amazing at applying it because all the products are fantastic.

The price of the kit is £26.50 from Debenhams which is quite expensive but for a Benefit cosmetics kit is not too bad. It has a total of four products all of which are minis and it also comes with a small brush to apply the blusher with. It contains Benetint, Highbeam, Rockateur blusher and the Ultra Plush Rockateur Lip Gloss. The fact that all the products are minis makes it really handy and you can easily take the products with you when you are on the go.

There is a 4.0ml bottle of Benetint in the kit. Benetint is a red/pink cheek and lip stain. I really love it because of the fact that it lasts all day and you can use it on the cheeks and the lips. The only negative thing about Benetint is the fact that you do need to rub it in quite quickly otherwise it will leave strange lines on your cheeks and lips so I would recommend doing one cheek at a time but other than that it is quite easy to use.

Higbeam is also in a 4.0ml bottle, the exact same size as Benetint. I would say that Highbeam is my favourite highlighter of all time because I love the fact that it does make your skin look very radiant and glowy but still natural. It is really easy to use and although it is in a very small bottle it seems to have lasted me ages and I use it all the time. Highbeam has got to be my favourite product out of the kit.

The Rockateur blusher is 3.0g and comes with a small brush to apply it with. My cheeks are naturally quite red so I dont really like blushers that are too bright which is why I love Rockateur so much because it looks really nice and natural and just gives my cheeks a subtle sweep of colour. The brush is also quite good although it is slightly more dense than I thought that it might be so it picks up a tiny bit more product that I might want it to but it still applies the blusher really nicely.

The Rockateur lip gloss comes in a 6.5ml tube. It is a really pretty gloss and is very glossy without being too sticky. It is quite pigmented for a lip gloss and the colour of it is really nice and I love how it makes my lips look much fuller.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Benefit Rockitude Lip and Cheek Kit and I really like all of the products that are in it.

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