Louis Vuitton Josephine Wallet Review/Unboxing

I had been looking longingly at the Louis Vuitton Josephine Wallet for quite some time, however, I did have a long debate with myself over whether I should get it or not because it is quite expensive. I came to the conclusion that I would save up the money for it and once I could afford it I could see if I still really wanted to purchase it and, as you will be able to tell from the title of this post, I did decide to buy the purse. So here is my review/unboxing of the Louis Vuitton Josephone Wallet.

The price of the purse is £305 and I am aware that this is relatively expensive for a purse but I am hoping to have it for many years to come and it does feel good quality. Josphine is actually on the cheaper side of some of the Louis Vuitton purses, especially for a full sized one. You also get free shipping with the purse which is good and I think my purse took about three days to arrive which I would say is quite quick. If you are in a rush I think you can get next day delivery however this will cost you about £20.

The purse arrived in a plain cardboard box as you would expect. Then once I opened the box there was another box that was very nicely packaged and had some blue ribbon saying Louis Vuitton on it as you will be able to see from the photos and there was also a card with some other information. Once I pulled out the middle part of the box I found a dustbag that said Louis Vuitton, which is good for storing the purse, and inside was my purse which I loved the second I saw it.

There are many reasons why I chose the Josephine wallet over all the other Louis Vuitton wallets and the main one would probably be because I really liked the style and the shape of it and I feel like it is quite a classic purse which I hope to have for a long time. As you will be able to see, Josphine has a V-shape in the front with a coloured dot in the middle which I really like. I also love the fact that it folds out fully as this makes it much easier to use and it means you can fit more stuff in it. Josephine is also a good size because it is not too big or too small.

Another thing that I love about the Jospehine Wallet is that it has a removable section as pictured above. I really liked this and even if I don’t use it loads, it is still really nice to have it. The lining inside the removable section is brown and although I would probably prefer it to be red, I still think it looks nice. I really like how the zip on the removable bit is red because you can also have this sticking out of your purse which I think looks really nice as it adds an extra splash of colour.

It took me an exceptionally long time to decide which print to choose, and I mean an exceptionally long time but in the end I decided to go for the damier ebene (brown square print) with red lining. If you choose the damier ebene print then it only comes with red lining for the Josephine wallet but I would have definitely opted for some type of red shade anyway. The choices for the prints are either the classic monogram with fuscha or pink lining, the damier ebene with red lining, the damier azur with cream lining, the black monogram with pink lining or the red monogram. I was mainly between damier ebene and the brown monogram with fuscha lining. I did also like damier azure but I thought that it might get dirty too easily especially since it is a purse and you will be putting money in and out of it.

I decided to get my purse hot stamped which I really like because it looks very nice and also makes it feel more personal. You can get up to three letter for the hot stamping so I decided to get my first name on my purse since it is only three letters and I really liked how it turned out. I got my name hot stamped in gold writing due to the fact that I thought it would go nicely with the red and because the writing above is in gold. The only downsides to getting your purse hot stamped is that you can not return it and it might be more difficult to sell on the future but personally, I don’t think this is too much of an issue as I am planning on hanging on to mine for a long time.

The Josephine wallet might seem like it is expensive for a purse and that’s because it is but if you do decide that it is what you want then you will be able to find some way to save up for it even if it means you have to sacrifice spending so much money on other things but it really is a great investment to make and it should last for many years to come.

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