Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

It’s now only a few days until December and I am sure you will agree that it it truly is the most exciting time of the year and one of the many things that make December such an exciting month is the joy that comes each morning when you open your advent calendar. One of the best parts of Christmas has got to be the build up starting from the 1st December all the way until Christmas Eve and I believe that advent calendars play a big part in this.

My advent calendar for this year is the Yankee Candle one from Boots which I am really looking forward to opening. You can’t beat a cosy winter night in with some Christmas candles burning whilst it’s freezing outside and this calendar is perfect for that. I love the fact that you get to a chance to try lots of different scents which you might have never tried otherwise.

The calendar contains twenty four candles, twenty three of which are tea lights and one is a votive. The calendar originally cost £24.99 from Boots however it is currently half price and therefore costs £12.49 which I would say is very good value considering one tea light candle can cost around £1.00 and you get a votive candle too.

The only slight downside to this calendar is that there are only six different scents for the tea light candles plus a different one for Christmas Eve however, personally I don’t think this is an issue due to the fact that there still is quite a few different scents.

This calendar would be great for anyone from teen upwards because let’s face it, who doesn’t love some nice Christmassy candles. Nothing makes you feel more Christmassy than the smell of cinnamon, cloves and winter berries.

Although I have not yet opened this calendar, I would still recommend it because I can smell the Christmas scents seeping through the packaging which makes me very excited for Christmas and, as an extra bonus, it is half price in Boots at the moment.

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