Classic Fashion Never Fails

Today, I would like to show you one of my favourite winter outfits. I love this look so much because I think it looks very classic and it also doesn’t look too wintery but if it is very cold outside then you could always easily add a nice scarf or hat .

My coat in the photo above is a classic grey coat from Zara that helps to make any outfit look much more sophisticated. I got this coat when it was half price for around £50 but you can still buy almost the exact same coat from Zara. I love the fact that you can dress this coat up or down which makes it great for any occasion and overall a great wardrobe staple. For example it looks fantastic with a pair of converse but it would also look great with a pair of heels.

The next thing that I am wearing is a pink and white shirt from Ralph Lauren. These shirts are quite expensive however they are currently on sale. You can also get blue and white stripes for the shirt which I also really like. Again, I feel as though this is a very classic item of clothing and is worth investing in.

My jeans in this post are pale blue girls jeans from H&M but really, any skinny jeans would look nice with this outfit although, personally, I think that lighter jeans may look best with this top and jacket but I have worn darker jeans with it before and it did still look good.

I decided to wear some rose gold converse to complete this look because I think that they go really well with everything and add a nice final touch whilst still looking quite casual. If you wanted to dress this outfit up slightly more then you could always add some different shoes but I think that the converse contrasts nicely with the shirt and the jacket.

It’s great to follow trends but having a few key classic pieces in your wardrobe are well worth the investment and you will find yourself coming back to them time and time again.

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