Out With the Old, In With the New – Wardrobe Clear Out

There really isn’t a better time to clear out your wardrobe than at the very start of the year. It’s the perfect opportunity to clear out all of your old clothes and get some fresh new ones to start the year. Even better yet, you can also make some extra money simply by clearing out your old clothes that you don’t wear anyway. In this post I would like to give you some of my top tips for clearing out your wardrobe.

The first step is, of course, deciding what you want to get rid off. This can be the most difficult part of clearing out your wardrobe but you will feel much better once you have done it. Sometimes it can be very hard to decide what to keep and what not to keep but one thing that helps is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it still fit? – There really is absolutely no point on holding on to something if it doesn’t even fit you.
  • Have I worn it in the past year? – If the answer to this is no then there is probably a good chance that you are not going to wear it again.
  • Would I wear it again? – Clearly, there is no point on keeping clothes that you don’t plan on wearing again.
  • Is it still in good condition? – It might seem a bit obvious but if the item of clothing is damaged at all then there really is no point in keeping it.
  • Do I think it looks nice on me? – If in doubt, try it on but if you don’t think it’s flattering then get rid off it.

Once you have decided which items of clothing are staying and which ones are going it is time to decide what you are going to do with them.

There are several options of what you can do with your old clothes including selling them online, donating them to a charity shop, handing them down to someone you know or simply binning them.

In general, an item of clothing can be sold if it is in quite good condition and is  reasonably good quality, for example, there really isn’t any point in attempting to sell an old, worn pair of black leggings. My favourite website to sell used clothes on is probably eBay but you could also use Gum Tree, Depop and many other websites. One good thing about eBay is that you can put an item up as ‘buy it now’ however you can also put it up for auction. If there is a piece of clothing that you really can’t decide whether to sell or keep then I would recommend trying to sell it for a reasonably high price to begin with because then if you get a good amount of money you will be happy but if it is not selling for the price you think it’s worth then you can always just take it down from the website and keep it.

If there isn’t really anything wrong with the items that you want to get rid off then you might want to donate them or give them away. If you are giving away clothes then it is important to make sure that they are not torn, ruined or discoloured.

As you would expect, it is always best to bin clothes that are in very bad condition.

Now you should be ready to get rid of all your old clothes and get some new clothes for the new year.

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