My Night Time Skincare Routine

Clear, radiant and blemish free skin is something we all want but for most of us, it can be very difficult to achieve which is why I have decided to share my night time skincare routine because although my skin is not perfect, I do feel as if this skincare routine has helped and is continuing to help my skin improve.

Before I begin I should probably tell you a what my skin is like and I would say that overall, I have sensitive combination skin. Sometimes my t-zone can get a bit oily and most of the time my cheeks are normal to dry.

The first step in night time skin care routine is to remove my makeup and my favourite product to do this with has got to be the Garnier Micellar Water because it makes your makeup wipe away very easily and can be used on the face and the eyes. I simply apply this to my face with a cotton pad and wipe all my makeup away. It is also very affordable and great for all skin types, even people who have very sensitive skin.

Next, I use the Simple Moisturising face wash to get rid of any makeup that is still on my face and to wash away any dirt and oils. I love how this face wash foams up so easily and again, it is great for sensitive skin. Another one of the reasons that I love this face wash so much is that I know that I can always rely on it and it is another very affordable product which is always good. I often use my Olay cleansing brush with this face wash to deeply cleanse and exfoliate my skin, I can always be certain that all my makeup is off after using this brush.

I use my Beauty Formulas Charcoal face mask about twice a week after I have washed my face. If you have read any of my other blog posts then I am sure you will have seen me talk about this face mask loads so I won’t say too much about it but to summarise it only costs £1 and it really does do an amazing job and I would fully recommend it. I apply this mask with my hands and then leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes to let it work its magic and then I rinse it off with warm water. If you are interested in finding out more about this one pound wonder then you can check out some of my other blog posts.

Once I have washed my face and rinsed off my face mask if I was using it that night, I use some of my apple cider vinegar toner on my face. I make this toner myself by mixing half water and half apple cider vinegar. It is very easy to make this toner and it also isn’t expensive at all. I do believe that this toner really does work and actually has helped my skin. As I am sure I have mentioned in previous blog posts, there are loads of benefits of using apple cider vinegar on your skin including reducing acne scars, spots and wrinkles and also getting rid of dead skin cells. To apply this toner I simply pour a bit onto a cotton pad. Sometimes if I get a spot I will put non diluted apple cider vinegar on my face and it always helps make the spot disappear a lot quicker. This toner does smell quite bad but since I only use it at night, that isn’t too big an issue.

Now that my face is all clean I like to apply my Johnsons Baby Intense Moisture Cream. Like most of the products in my skincare routine, this is another very inexpensive product but it is very effective. I don’t apply too much of this at night because I use another moisturiser after which I will talk about soon. I love the way this moisturiser sinks into my skin so quickly whilst still giving my skin all the hydration that is needs.

If your skin is on the oily side then you might want to skip this last step but I always put on a tiny bit of my Nivea Rich Regenerating Night Cream after I have applied the Johnsons moisturiser because I feel as though it just gives my skin that extra bit of hydration that it needs and it makes it look a lot healthier. This cream is very thick so a very small bit can go a long way.

Hopefully, you found this blog post helpful or interesting in some way and I know that my skin has definitely got better since I began this routine. It might seem like a very long and maybe even slightly complicated routine when it is written down but in reality, if I don’t use the face mask, my skincare routine only takes about five minutes to do each night and I find it very easy to stick to.

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