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Recently, I had a day out in Glasgow and I had a great time, I always love visiting Glasgow because there is so much to do and it has so many great places to eat and loads of shops.

One of the first places I went was Princess Square which always looks so nice inside and outside and it also has some good shops in it including Ted Baker which I spent quite a lot of time in and I would say it has now become one of my favourite shops because I genuinely love almost every single thing in the shop which I have never found with any other shops.

After browsing some shops and taking a wander about the city I became very hungry and we decided to go for lunch. The restaurant we went to is called Steak, Cattle and Roll but quite often when we have a full family day out we go to Di Maggio’s which we all love.  I had a burger with chips and a milkshake and we also got some nachos to share. This was my second time going out for lunch there and I would definitely recommend it because the food is great and it is also a good price for what you get.

Once we had finished our lunch we decided to continue shopping and have a look around some different places. I would say that one of the best streets for shopping in Glasgow is Buchanan Street which is where we were for most of the day.

I would definitely recommend visiting Glasgow if you are nearby because it is a great city with lots of things to do such as theatres, museums, parks, great architecture and as I previously mentioned, it has so many fantastic shops and restaurants and above all great friendly people.

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