Back to Black

In this blog post I would like to show you a smart outfit that would be great for going somewhere that you want to look put together but don’t want to get too dressed up. I love this outfit because you can dress it up or down, for example, if you want to look more dressed up then you could easily pair it with some heels and a nice bag.

One of my favourite things about his outfit has got to be this jacket which I purchased from Zara. It is a black military style jacket and I think it makes the whole outfit look a lot more unique and a bit different. I love all the gold detailing around the collar and sleeves of this jacket and the gold buttons look lovely too although they were very loose to begin with and my mum had sew all of them to ensure that they did not fall off. The fit is also very good which I think is important for this style of jacket.

The top that I am wearing is also from Zara and I think that it compliments the jacket very nicely. I really like the fact that this top is lace and I think the slightly high neck looks very nice. The detailing on the front of the top is very pretty and I love that it has got a few different colours in it because it means the top matches with more things therefore making it more wearable. The metallic part of the top could be gold or silver which is fantastic due to the fact that it goes with both.

My black jeans are also from Zara… what a surprise! You might not be able to tell by the photo but these jeans actually have a sort of matte leather finish to them which I like. I also like the zips on these jeans although they might not be the best with the jacket since the zips are silver but personally I don’t think it is too much of an issue.

Finally, my pointed toe shoes are from Topshop. These shoes work well to complete the outfit and I love that the toes are pointy and the have a snakeskin print at the front. Overall the shoes are quite simple but I think that looks nice with this outfit.

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