Spring Forward Fashion

Spring finally feels as though it is actually here with the warmer weather starting to appear which means that it is time to start dressing for spring.

My black biker style jacket is from New Look and I love how it goes with so many outfits and is such a wardrobe staple. You can pair it with so many things and it compliments it really well. A black leather jacket is definitely a must have for me.

Underneath my jacket is a white T-shirt from Zara. Again, I would say a white T-shirt is another wardrobe staple for me because it goes with so many things and you can pair it with loads of different outfits. One of the things I love about this top is the flower detailing near the neck of the top because I think it makes a plain white T-shirt look slightly less boring and overall much prettier.

I had been looking for a pink suede style skirt for a while so I was really happy to find one in Primark and it ended up only costing me £3! It was originally supposed to cost £8 which I thought was still a very reasonable price but when I got to the till it came up as £3 because apparently it was about to go on sale. I love this skirt because of the colour and because it is suede and I also really like the fit of it and I was so pleased when I tried it on in Primark and it fitted because sometimes it can be a challenge to find a skirt that is a good length and isn’t too big round my waist. I also managed to get a pair of sunglasses from Primark that go great with this skirt. I think the skirt is the perfect length because it isn’t too short or too long and it sits very nicely. I would definitely recommend going into Primark and getting this skirt especially since it’s so affordable.

I got my rose gold converse from Office and I have worn them time and time again. I think they go very nicely with my skirt. I love the colour of these shoes and I also love the fact that they have a snakeskin print on them.

My black bag is from H&M and although it is very simple I think it helps balance out my jacket and helps to complete the outfit. It is also a very handy bag to have because it works with lots of different outfits and it’s a great size for carrying your essentials.

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