Tweed Wishlist

I have been in love with tweed for a while now and I have seen so many amazing tweed items recently which is why I decided to create a wish list. I think tweed looks exceptionally classy and sophisticated and overall really nice.

Tweed matching sets look amazing for any occasion. Almost all of the matching sets in this wish list are from Zara. If you are looking for a tweed outfit that is not ridiculously expensive but still looks great then I would say that Zara is one of the best places to go.  One of my favourite matching sets out of this wish list has got to be the white skirt and blazer from Zara because I love the pearls on the buttons and the trimming around the blazer and skirt and I feel as though it looks almost as if it could be from Chanel. Pink is one of my favourite colours at the moment which is why I love this pink tweed matching set which is also from Zara.

I have been trying to add some more dresses and skirts into my wardrobe now that the weather is getting a bit warmer, or at least it should be getting a bit warmer soon. When I found this pink tweed dress I got very excited because it ticks all the boxes of being a dress, being pink and being tweed. I also found a couple of lovely dresses on Shein which is a website I have never really been on before but it has some amazing clothes for very good prices. The first dress that I found was this cream/beige one decorated with pearls. I also found a beautiful white tweed dress with frayed hems and a bow tie neck.

As I just mentioned, I am trying to wear more skirts at the moment and I have found a few gorgeous skirts to share with you. The first one I found was this white frill pearl skirt which would go with lots of different tops. I also found a nice frayed hem skirt from Boohoo which is very affordable. The final skirt on my wish list is from Shein and I love the ruffles and the pearls on this one.

Tweed jackets are one of my favourite things to wear and I keep constantly having to resist the temptation of buying them because I love just about any tweed jacket that I see so when I found this white tweed blazer with a fur trim from Shein I fell in love instantly, straigh away it reminded me of Cher from Clueless. I also came across this double breasted jacket from River Island and I love how it has different colours of cream and gold mixed through it. This jacket could easily complete any outfit. I also found a pastel pink tweed coat from Zara which would be nice for spring.

Finally, on to bags, I only have a couple on my wish list as it is surprisingly difficult to find tweed bags. The first one is this tweed overlay cross body bag from Shein. I love the fact that it is tweed all over and the best part about this bag is how inexpensive it is. The final item on my wish list is one which I will just have to keep wishing for, for a while anyways and it is this Chanel tweed bag which is one of the most amazing bags I have ever seen in my entire life. I love absolutely everything about this bag, the only slightly gigantic problem is the price but maybe one day…

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