Farewell Face Wipes

Face wipes seem great but the harsh truth is that they are not. Face wipes are not good for your skin or for the planet which is why it is time to wave goodbye to them.

To begin with makeup wipes do not take of your makeup properly, they mostly smear around all of the dirt, makeup and dead skin lying on your face which when you think about it is quite disgusting. It is a proven fact that when you use face wipes there is still residue left on your skin. Since makeup wipes clearly do not need water, they simply are not thorough enough and leave dirt on your skin.

Also, face wipes can also irritate your skin. The act of scrubbing your face with makeup wipes can promote skin pigmentation or possibly even early wrinkling. Again, since you do not need to rinse away the ingredients, the residue that’s left on your skin could expose it to harmful chemicals. Some wipe brands use alcohol in their wipes which can further irritate your skin and make it feel stingy and dry.

All of these harmful effects are only on your face so think about what the heaps and heaps of them that people use every day are doing to the planet.

One of the main components in lots of brands of face wipes is polyester which is not bio-degradable and will stay in the eco system even as it slowly breaks apart. According to the Guardian, it is believed that synthetic garments are the biggest source of micro plastic pollution in the oceans because up to 1900 fibres can be washed off one garment every time it is washed.

In the UK we spend more than £500 million a year on all different kinds of wipes and by 2021 the global wet wipe sales of all types is forecast to hit $20 billion. Once they have been used they are often not correctly disposed of which can have terrible consequences. Even if disposed of properly, wipes will fill up landfills for years and years to come.

Wet wipes are behind 93% of blockages in UK sewers. They can cause ‘fatbergs’ which despite the name, are actually mostly made up of wet wipes. Not too long ago, there was a fatberg in the Thames when a sewer got clogged which cost £400,000 to fix. The fatberg also weighed as much as 10 double decker buses.


Fortunately, the UK have stated that they are making plans to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste including single use wet wipes.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to remove makeup that doesn’t require rinsing then I would recommend something such as micellar water, my personal favourite is the Garnier one. You could also use coconut oil to remove your makeup because it makes your makeup dissolve very easily and is nice and moisturising for your skin. Another great option is a cleansing milk, I love this Soap and Glory one. If you still feel as though you must have face wipes then there are biodegradable ones available.

If you would like to find out more about how single use plastic is harmful to the environment and learn how you can use some environmentally friendly products then please have a look at my other blog post on saying no to single use plastic. Remember, small changes make a big difference.

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