Perfect in Polka Dots

Polka dots are a huge trend  this year which is fantastic and unlike some other trends, polka dots never really go out of style which is why it is such a brilliant idea to invest in some polka dot pieces. There are some prints that come and go and some that stand the test of time and polka dots are certainly a timeless print.

Recently I found this lovely polka dot tea dress on Boohoo for only £18 and I decided to purchase it. It is a lovely way to introduce polka dots into your wardrobe and I feel as though it is a very classic yet trendy dress. I think it would be great for so many occasions and I can see myself wearing it loads in the summer when I am a bit more tanned. If you would prefer this dress in a different colour then you can also get it in black and in red.

The ruffles look very nice on this dress and it is also a very lovely length. Another great thing about this dress is that it is quite comfortable which is a big bonus. This particular dress is a petite one but you can get very similar ones which are not. If you are looking for a dress that will stay stylish for seasons to come then this dress is perfect for you.

Polka dots are also so versatile and you can wear them in so many ways for example you could easily wear this dress with a pair of converse and a biker jacket or you could wear it with some nice heels and a statement necklace.

Remember you don’t even need to wear a polka dot dress, you could also find a nice polka dot top or maybe some pretty polka dot shoes or even a polka dot handbag. The possibilities are endless…

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