Beauty on a Budget – Aldi Lacura Blending Sponge

A couple of days ago I was in Aldi with my mum to do some food shopping when I saw that they had some makeup sponges which I was intrigued to test out. I didn’t want to spend loads of money on a sponge that I like to replace (like you would a toothbrush) on a regular basis. The sponge is a very similar shape to the original Beauty Blender except the price is vastly different – £1.49 vs £17.00

The blending sponge only cost £1.49 so I thought that I would try it out since you can’t go wrong for that price. When I got home and took it out the packaging, I was immediately impressed by how bouncy it was even before I had wet it which is fantastic because some of the more affordable blending sponges are very hard which makes it more of a challenge to blend out makeup.

Once I wet the sponge it expanded a lot and got even bouncier which makes makeup blend out a lot more flawlessly. This sponge made my makeup blend really nicely although the only downside is that it maybe does absorb a tiny bit more product than other makeup sponges but nothing too bad and for the price I’m certainly not complaining.

The Aldi Lacura sponges also come in different colours so if pink isn’t your thing then you could also get a green or purple one. Unlike some other less expensive makeup sponges, the Aldi ones do not contain latex which is really good because it can be bad for your skin.

Since you are meant to replace your blending sponges every three months, at only £1.49 you could buy almost three years worth of Aldi blending sponges for the price of one Beauty Blender. You really aren’t going to get much better than that.

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