Time for Tweed

As you might already know, I really love tweed. Just take a look at my Tweed Wishlist and you will see what I mean. Tweed is becoming more and more popular and it is now becoming easier to find tweed style clothes on the high street. I had been desperate for a matching tweed set for ages but I simply hadn’t found one that I could justify spending the money on or that fitted so when I found this set in Zara I was very happy.

This is the perfect tweed style set for any occasion. I say this about so many of my clothes but I really love how versatile this set is, you could easily pair it with some nice heels and a clutch bag to make it look very smart or you could also easily wear it for day to day events if you wear some casual flat shoes such as converse.

Although you can’t really tell from the photos, the skirt and top has a bit of a sparkle through it which looks great in real life. Not only does this outfit look great but it is also surprisingly comfortable which means you are able to look good and feel good.

The set comes in three different colours – black, grey and pink. The pink set is also really nice and it instantly reminded me of the movie ‘Clueless’ but for some reason it seemed to be too big for me.

The top costs £12.99 and the skirt costs £15.99 which really isn’t bad for a full outfit and I would say that it looks like it would cost more than it does. On the Zara website it shows the model wearing a polo neck underneath the top which could look nice for winter. Of course if you don’t love the matching situation then the top or the skirt would still look nice separately.

This is a great outfit at a great price and I know that I will get loads of use out of it.

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