Greek Getaway

This summer I went on holiday to Crete which is the largest island in Greece and it is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The weather was the perfect temperature and there was a slight breeze which was great because I would probably have melted if it hadn’t been a tiny bit windy. We spent most of our time at the beach but we also went into Chania which is one of the main cities in the island.

The photo above was taken at the harbour in Chania which was also where we had dinner. Overall, the food in Greece was excellent and there was plenty of choices for places to eat.

The hotel we stayed in was in a village called Kalamaki and there were lots of beaches nearby. The hotel had a private beach which was slightly rocky but great for snorkelling and there was a sandy beach within two minutes.

The photos above show the view we had every day at our hotel and this was what you looked out to from the restaurant in the hotel which was amazing.

This is a small church that was near where we were staying. As you can see, it is right by the sea and the fisherman used to use it to pray before they went away.

I had never been to Greece before this summer but from what I’ve seen in the time that I was there I would say it’s a great country that I would definitely go back to.

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