Primark Purchases

Earlier on I was in Primark to check out some of their new autumn and winter pieces and I was really impressed by some of the items that were there.

The first thing that I picked up was a white roll neck jumper which cost £6.00. Personally, I feel as though this is a fantastic wardrobe staple for autumn and winter as it keeps you extra nice and warm and the high neck makes your outfit look slightly more pulled together.

Next, I decided to buy a scarf. I love the pink, white and grey colour combination on this scarf because it will go with so many of my outfits. I also really like the length of this scarf due to the fact that you can wear it round your neck without having to fully wrap it round. The scarf was only £4.00 but I think it looks a lot more expensive.

The final item that I purchased was a pink hat. The hat, scarf and top all match very nicely which is an extra bonus. The main reason I purchased the hat was because it is pink and as I have already mentioned, it goes very well with the scarf. For only £2.00 I would say that the hat is well worth the money.

Going into Primark always reminds me of the fact that you do not need to spend loads of money to create a stylish outfit. If you add in some nice accessories then a basic and affordable outfit can look so much more expensive. Currently, I have been loving these pink and rose gold Ted Baker button earrings because they really help to stand out and enhance an outfit yet still in a subtle way. Having a few key colours that you wear a lot can also really help to make your outfits look better because you will end up having so many ways to wear things and it can make everything appear a lot more co-ordinated.

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