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Last week I travelled to Italy with my mum, dad and brother and our first destination was Milan, the capital of Lombardy and with around 1,400,000 people it is the second most populated city in Italy after Rome. Milan welcomes around eight million overseas visitors every year and it is the fashion and banking capital.

We flew into Milan Malpensa Airport which is around an hour away from the centre of Milan. There is a frequent flow of buses departing from the airport to get to the city. It costs 24 euros for two adults and two children to get a bus from the airport to Milan centre however you can also get a train from the airport which costs 33 euros for a family ticket.

We stayed in the Residenza Delle Cita which is around half a kilometre from the central station where the trains and buses are. Our apartment was about a forty minute walk from the centre of Milan but the walk was down Corso Buenos Aires which is a very busy and bustling street so there was plenty to see and we were able to walk from there to the Piazza della Scala area and back on our first day.

The next day we were all exhausted from walking so much so we decided to get the metro which was a very effective way of getting round the city. The metro in Milan was relatively easy to use and it was also fairly clean compared to other metros I have been on in the past. It costs 1.50 euros per person for a single journey ticket or 4.50 euros for a 24 hour ticket and children under the age of ten go free.

We walked to the vertical forest before going to the metro then we went to the Sforza Castle which had a nice fountain and a park.

After this we went back to the cathedral which we went to on our first day but we decided to climb up it this time and it had an incredible view. It cost 32 euros for the four of us to climb the cathedral and it really was an unforgettable experience, if you only want to go inside the cathedral then it costs 3 euros per person. Apparently you can see the Alps from it on a good day however it was slightly foggy when we went so we were unable to. The church really is a magnificent building and it took six hundred years to build and it didn’t open until 1965.

We also revisited the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery which was very pretty and had lots of great shops although most of them were more high end so I just admired them all from afar.

Next, we went to Brera’s picture gallery and accidentally walked into a dance class which was slightly embarrassing but it was worth visiting the gallery and it is free to enter.

Finally, we went to Naviglio Grande which is also known as little Venice and after going to the real Venice which I will talk about in another blog post, I can say that it really does not compare to the real thing however it was still nice to see and I had one of the best tiramisu’s that I have ever tasted so I’m not complaining.

Everything in Milan is surprisingly close together so it is easy to get around. The weather was also lovely when we went as it was warm and sunny but not unbearably warm.

Most of the shops in Milan were designer and out with my price range although there was still some more affordable shops such as Zara and Bershka. There was also lots of lovely ice cream shops and nice places to eat. On my first night I decided to have pizza in the centre of Milan because you can’t go to Italy and not try the pizza. The second night I had delicious mussels near where we were staying because we did not want to travel far since we needed to get up early the next morning to go to Verona which I will talk about in another blog post. The food in Milan was relatively expensive and most restaurants required a cover charge of around 2.50 euros per person which we were not originally aware off until we had our first meal.

Overall, I had a great time in Milan and all the people were really friendly and happy to help when we got lost (which was a lot). I would definitely recommend visiting Milan if you haven’t already.

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