5 Product Holiday Face for Under £10

We all want to look great when we’re on holiday but often we don’t want to take our best products with us, especially not to the beach or when we are out and about. In this post I’m here to help by showing you five of my favourite makeup products that in total come to under £10, perfect to take on holiday.

The first product that I am going to mention is the Natural Collection Cover-Up Stick which costs £1.99 in Boots. This is a cream concealer that is really good for covering up any spots and blemishes. I’m going to be honest and say that this concealer stick is not the best quality due to the fact that the concealer in the stick breaks quite easily, especially if you push it up too far but for the price you really can’t complain too much because the actual concealer is pretty good especially if you just want something to quickly cover up any blemishes and take out and about with you. I have tried the natural collection liquid concealer however I find that cream concealers are much better for covering spots. I use shade 2 in this concealer but they do have a lighter shade and I think there might also be a darker one too. I would say that if you are purchasing this to take on holiday with you then you would probably be better going a bit darker since you will probably change shade and get more tanned throughout your holiday depending on your skin tone. This concealer is not the best for using under the eyes however you could make it work so I would still recommend it. Overall, for £1.99 this really is a perfectly good concealer and it does the job well.

The next product for my five product holiday face is the Revelotion Eyebrow Kit which you can get in Superdrug for £2.50. I love this eyebrow kit so much for so many different reasons. It is amazing quality for the price and is just generally a great brow kit. I use this eyebrow kit every time I fill in my eyebrows and I would definitely recommend it. You can get this kit in light to medium or medium to dark, I have blonde hair and I use the light to medium kit. I often mix the shade in the top right with the one on the bottom left. I love how easy this brow kit is to use and the fact that it comes with eyebrow wax, tweezers and a brush is fantastic for if you are on the go. In an ideal world you would have your eyebrows tinted before going in holiday, I like to tint my own eyebrows at home for a super affordable price but I am going to share this soon in another blog post but if you don’t have your brows tinted this is a great kit to take on holiday with you.

The third product that is great for holidays is the MUA Sunkissed Bronzer which only costs £1.00 in Suoerdrug. This bronzer is a great colour as it is not too warm toned but not too cool toned and it looks quite nice and natural. It is really great for the price and the fact that it is so cheap means that you don’t have to worry about losing or smashing it. The bronzer has quite basic but nice packaging and is good for fitting into a bag.

Another product that I have chosen for my holiday five product face is the Maybelline Cherry Me Baby Lips which costs around £2.99 in most shops, some places have it slightly cheaper, some have it slightly more expensive. There are so many colours to choose from with the baby lips and this is probably one of my favourites but I have got some other baby lips which I also really like. I love how moisturising yet pigmented the baby lips are and the colour is very buildable which is great. The lip balms have a really nice finish – shiny but not too glossy which gives a healthy natural look. All the baby lips have SPF 20 in them which is great for the summer. On top of using this for your lips it also doubles up as a great blusher (depending on which colour you choose) which is great if you are trying to save room in your suitcase.

The final product for my holiday five product face is Vaseline which I got for 69p in Watt Brothers. The main reason I love this for holidays is due to the fact that it is so versatile. Vaseline makes a great highlighter if you put a small amount on the top if your cheekbones and anywhere else you want to highlight and it looks really dewy and pretty when light hits your face. You can also out a tiny bit of Vaselline on your eyebrows to tame them and keep them in place . Obviously you can use it on your lips too and there are loads of other uses for Vaselline which is why it is great to take on holiday.

In total all the products in this blog post come to just £9.17 which I personally think is really good for a holiday five product face. All of these products would be great to take to the beach or if you are sightseeing during the day or even if you are going out at night. Now you can have your holiday bronzed glow for under £10.

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